The Passion to Develop Solutions for Society


Semper-Tech is a spin-off of DAI-Labor, which is a trend-setting research and innovations lab in Germany.

Semper-Tech was founded by Prof. Albayrak. Prof. Albayrak is also the founder of German-Turkish Advanced Research Center for ICT (GT-ARC) and Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories.

Under Prof. Albayrak’s leadership, Semper-Tech has been working to create a local ecosystem that fosters continuous and sustainable innovation with the help of global partners including DAI-Labor and GT-ARC.

Life at Semper-Tech

As a result of horizontal organization, co-working relationships are strengthened with social bonds.
To its team, Semper-Tech offers a next generation comfort rather than a traditional colleagueship. With a fully digitalized office a smart space is created using sensors and control units around the office. The digitalization offers assistance for everyone at the office for better lighting, higher air quality and secures the entire office, while still saving energy and keeping it a "green" office.
The working environment is also automatically controlled for good O2 levels and better luminosity. This quality improves creativity and innovation for each and every colleague.

Co-working Space

In Semper-Tech, everyone may become an expert in a particular field or build proficiencies across many areas. We develop solutions with a wide spectrum from machine learning to data science and from cyber security to internet-of-things.
Each solution can be easily installed on our servers and can be seen by the entire company by our Test & Touch capability. Each project can be tested on touch screens in our Face The Future corridor. Colleagues can gather around a screen and discuss the product.
Here, one can drive career development under the supervision of the experts of the fields. The only constraint is not to stand still.
Our engineers have the chance to improve themselves and process forwards with the strong connections to leading universities and R&D laboratories.

Our Terrace

Our colleagues can enjoy the fresh air and take a few minutes off on our big terrace. One can enjoy his/her meal or a short coffee break here.
Our terrace witnesses social and technical discussions quite often since it hosts sincere environment for its guests. Engineers enjoying their coffee meanwhile sharing their ideas about recent technologies or even a news yield better innovation and carries classical meeting room experience one step ahead. Many innovative ideas stimulated around open air coffee breaks.

Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is not just a place to have coffee or to grab a quick bite, it also encapsulates the digitalization of the office space. On the big touch screen one can easily follow the topics and new technologies that the company has as a goal through the Infoboard feature of Bilgin. It brings a blog-like context from internal and public sources that do cover the topics of our focus areas.
The kitchen is also equipped with a whiteboard that runs through the walls of the entire office and is ready for fruitful discussions about new ideas and technologies to be discussed between colleagues.



Şahin Albayrak


Prof. Dr. Şahin Albayrak is the chairman and the president of Agent Technologies in Business Applications and Telecommunication He is also the founder of DAI-Labor(Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) where, currently, 150 researchers and support personel employed. Being one of the founding members of T-Labs(Deutsche Telecom Innovation Laboratories), Prof. Albayrak continues to his role in Steering Committee. He is also the founder of Connected Living Association focusing on smart home solutions and the founder and Chief Executive Director of GT-ARC (German Turkish Advanced Research Centre for ICT). While serving as a consultant for ministries, government entities, and large companies in both Turkey and Germany; he is one of the founders and leaders of EICT. Prof. Albayrak's research areas are Next Generation Telecommunication Services, Applications, and Infrastructures with special interests on Cognitive Architectures and Smart Cities for Autonomous Distributed Cooperative Systems, Smart Grid, e-Health, Cyber Security Based Online Service Engineering and Agent-Based Modeling. Prof. Albayrak completed his primary and secondary education in Tunceli. He went to Germany for his university degree and drew attention for his outstanding success. Having professor title in his 35, he became prominent in his field.