Cybernate is an integrated cyber security solution which controls a network and the connected computers. It has the following three features: autonomous system scanner, self-learning threat prediction system, and next generation compatible cloud software. Cybernate addresses a wide spectrum of users.

Cybernate has four layers. The first layer finds security flaws, the second layer processes the data distributedly and generated attack graph. The third layer determines the strategy to evaluate and reduce threats. The last layer is the decision support system.


Bilgin is an information management platform to secure the in-house confidential data and transfer to other employees. Its responsibility is cumulate data from different departments and serve tha data from a single user interface.

Bilgin can crawl multiple in-house sources like SMB fileservers, mail accounts and can also crawl public sources like RSS feeds, websites. The goal is to maintain and bring internal knowledge as needed while also bringing the latest from tracked public sources that can create new knowledge within the company.


Alim is a chatbot software which utilizes artificial intelligence in its core. It extracts the meanings from the questions, scans the given data sources, finds the answers from the dataset and presents the answers from its graphical user interface.

Alim can work with structured data and can understand user intent and can handle topic changes. Also it can use its deep learning methods to find the best answer for unstructured data.

SES: Smart Energy Solution

SES is a next generation smart micro-grid and energy management software. This product models the behavior of energy sources and consumers and the balance between these two sides. It predicts the consumption pattern of users based on past data.

SES uses machine learning methods to predict possible peaks and avoids power outages by regulating the electric usage.

SEHER: Shortcomings Predictor for Enhanced Maintenance

SEHER is a highly promising, fully smart predictive maintenance solution for vehicles and equipment.

SEHER incorporates state of the art software tools build on top of latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies integrated to a computer box. It employs predictive mechanisms to optimize their usage time and maintenance schedules based on historic maintenance and failure reports.


SADE is a smart data analytics software which takes part in many of our projects. It is a middleware and realizes many machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics methods. It is also used as infrastructure in various projects.

The goal of SADE is to analyse streaming data in real-time, which is not possible for an data analyst or for a team of analysts. This way human-error and missed important data can be taken into context.

Smart Industry 4.0

This is a software platform that reads, processes, and interprets sensor data from factories, smart production plants, and any manufacturer that utilizes robotized production for observation of production line and planning smart production.